August 1, 2017

Dear investors! 

We've promised you to express our opinion concerning the coming August 1, 2017 event. So here’s what we'd like to share with you:

At the moment the major Bitcoin market participants, such as Bitgo, for example, do support the Bitcoin Core version, which solves the network scalability problem and DOES NOT presuppose the Bitcoin network split. So in case the miners activate the SegWit before August 1, the BIP 148 WON’T be implemented, and all the users will remain in the same single chain regardless the client they use. 

In case the majority of miners accept the BIP 148, the chain split will be TEMPORARY and a result all the clients will see the same chain, but the SegWit will be activated for all the SegWit compatible clients (versions starting form Bitcoin Core 0.13.1).

Finally the miners and the largest cryptocurrency exchanges are interested in increasing the number and volume of transactions performed according to the single protocol, and that doesn’t presuppose the chain split. 

That’s why, dear users, our platform stays with the major Bitcoin market participants and supports their point of view and position. Please, keep calm and stay away from this panic. Whatever happens, the situation is under control, and your BTC holdings won’t be lost. 



2017-07-08 19:49:00 -0700 PDT
Новая группа VKontakte

Уважаемые инвесторы! Как вы уже, наверное, слышали, что у нас возникли проблемы с доступом к аккаунту, поэтому пока не могу отвечать на ваши вопросы на странице В связи с этим, пока ждем объяснений от администрации Вконтакте, создали страницу В этой группе будем и далее общаться с вами и отвечать на ваши вопросы. Также ссылка с нашего сайта теперь будет стоять пока на новую страничку. Подписываемся - 

2017-06-12 06:29:00 -0700 PDT
Login problems for several of our customers solved
We thank our customers who notified us about login problems for several users. Our development team managed to fix it very quickly and this problem won’t happen again for our customers. Don’t worry, the problem did not affect any data, profit accruals or financial information in our Database. And now our program website became even more secure. Please accept our apologies if this problem caused you any inconvenience.
2017-04-25 22:28:00 -0700 PDT
VKontakte social network problems

Dear investors from Russia and the CIS! There were some misunderstandings with the administration of the social network VKontakte concerning access to our page due to the ambiguous situation with Bitcoin in Russia. We would like to warn you that the project is working in a regular mode, nothing terrible has happened. We hope that soon the administration of the site will unlock our access to our VKontakte page. Russian-speaking investors, please contact us at email [email protected] or on Facebook -

2017-06-12 05:45:00 -0700 PDT
Mobile Applications Warning!
We have received several reports lately about some mobile applications intended to work with our program. We would like to let our customers know that there is no Official BTCClock Mobile Application yet. Using these third-party application you risk loosing your account and the funds on your deposit. That's why we highly recommend you to reset your password and enable two-factor-authentication as soon as possible if you ever used any of these applications.
2017-06-07 03:08:00 -0700 PDT
BTCCLOCK opens its doors!

Are you in search of for a simple and reliable Bitcoin investment program to get profit as fast as possible? Welcome to BTCCLOCK, a platform for these who don’t like to wait long!

BTCCLOCK is a Bitcoin investment program which goal is to keep up with the times and provide its clients with the most comfortable investment solution that perfectly corresponds the constantly transforming requirements of the modern world. 

We are headquartered in Great Britain. Our team of Bitcoin professionals constantly monitor the cryptocurrency market to adapt the program to contemporary investors’ needs.

Registration on the platform is very simple – just get to the registration page, fill in your personal data, and you’ll be able to make your first deposit. As soon as you’ve made a deposit, you’ll start to get profit every 60 seconds! You’ll be also able to withdraw your earnings anytime you need. 

So reading this text you have lost about 3 profit accruals! 

Don’t waste time, join BTCCLOCK - the most dynamic investment solution on the todays cryptocurrency market.

BTCCLOCK - time is money!

2017-04-22 07:22:00 -0700 PDT
Проблемы со страницей VKontakte

Уважаемые инвесторы из России и СНГ! Возникли некоторые недоразумения с администрацией социальной сети ВКонтакте касаемо доступа к нашей странице из-за неоднозначной ситуации с Bitcoin в России. Хотели бы вас предупредить, что проект работает в штатном режиме, ничего страшного не произошло. Мы надеемся, что скоро администрация сайта разблокирует нам доступ. Русскоязычным инвесторам просьба писать на email [email protected] или на Фейсбуке -

2017-06-12 03:10:00 -0700 PDT
New payment methods

Dear Customers!

We'd like to share a great news with you! We’re happy to announce that we have implemented two new payment methods. Now our program accepts deposits not only in Bitcoins, but in PerfectMoney and AdcCash also!

2017-05-16 20:14:00 -0700 PDT